Saturday, May 03, 2014

CSC Alumni at The Crusting Pipe April 2014

Covent Garden, London, UK. Wednesday 23-April-2014

cscalumni is a unofficial Yahoo group Anne and I set up for past employees of CSC (primarily in the UK) who wish to keep in touch - many of whom worked for Inforem which was acquired by CSC. We also use it for organising occasional drinks.

To say these gatherings are held erratically is an understatement - see previous cscalumni posts. They are also usually small gatherings as we are scattered to all parts of the planet.

Valter, Bob, Simon, Anne

Many of the previous gathering have been on a Thursday which clashes with Simon's Barbershop choir evenings so this time I chose a Wednesday especially for him.

Simon, Anne

We caught up on our latest news and reminisced about old times and "Whatever happened to ...?"

Nostalgia is all very well but it's not what it used to be.

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