Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sapphire Bullets 2

Saturday saw the second Sapphire Bullets gig [previous gig], again at The Grey Horse in Kingston on Thames. And a fine set it was too.

This time sister Jane was not on the door so was able to join Mary and I for a meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian. Last time we had to queue for 25 minutes as JO's do not take reservations. This time we walked straight in - whether that was because the novelty has worn off or everyone was down at the river-side restaurants I could not say. We had a very enjoyable meal then off to the gig.

The pub is a proper pub and serves Young's Special so that made my beverage choice for the evening a no-brainer. The band had a different fiddle player who they were pleased with and they had put in a lot of rehearsal between the two gigs. I thought it was good last time but what do I know. Then home on the train.

A fine way to spend a Saturday evening.

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