Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gardening in Puglia

The garden is looking a lot better than when we went out at Easter. Mary has spent a lot of time this last month weeding the beds and she has a very brown back to prove it. Also our neighbour, Michele, had rotavated the rest of the plot.

We have a new bed that was created when we had the back courtyard area paved. It had some soft weeds and Mary decided the best way to keep it weed free was to lay down black sheeting covered with gravel.

collecting gravel from a quarry in a Fiat Punto
Collecting gravel from the quarry

There is a nearby quarry where you can collect your own for a very cheap price. So we borrowed six old whitewash buckets from John and went down to start shovelling.

tubs of gravel in the boot of a Fiat Punto
Tubs of gravel in the boot of a Fiat Punto

Each tub weighed 24kg and we did six trips to cover the entire bed. Both of us had aching limbs the next day from moving the better part on a tonne of gravel by hand. If we ever do the big bed we will get a lorry load delivered.

Gravel spread on the herb bed
Gravel spread on the herb bed

With the gravel spread and the herbs peeking through the bed should, hopefully be maintenance free. It will look better when the herbs have grown a bit.

Lemon tree in the courtyard
Lemon tree in the courtyard

We have always intended to have ourselves a lemon tree and this trip we bought a small tree and planted it in a sunny , sheltered corner of the main courtyard. Like the herbs it has a dripper from the irrigation system to make sure it thrives while we are away. So hopefully next time we are out I can have a gin and tonic with my very own lemon :-)

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Rosa said...

Now, how can you resist not picking that lemon?! It looks absolutely perfect. And, that's a lot of gravel! Wow. Bet your back was hurting that night!