Friday, May 14, 2010

Call My Bluff Wine Tasting

Steam Bar Wandsworth arranged an entertaining wine tasting in a novel - to me at least - format: Call my Bluff.

We were presented with six pairs of wine: three white and three red. Then two presenters the proceeded to give us their own descriptions of the wines, one true, one a bluff. We had to guess which was the true definition and, for bonus points, the vintage.

We went as a team of four with our friends Tim and Sarah. We got five of the wines correct and one vintage which was enough to earn us second place. Then we ate and drank some more wine.

Good fun but I would suggest to the manager, Crispin, that a slightly faster version would be better. It lasted two hours which is a long time to drink without eating - notwithstanding the nibbles at half time.

It is a sucessful tasting format with descriptions, both true and bluff, full of interesting factoids. The false definition was a true one but for a different wine.

The pairs were generally of the same grape but new world versus old which in itself is an interesting challenge to identify the stereotypically contrasting styles.

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