Monday, February 08, 2010

Visiting May - February 2010

The usual monthly visit to the MIL in Scotland. Fly up Friday evening, get picked up from Glasgow airport by the BIL, borrow the SIL's car and drive down to May's. Then spend the weekend doing chauffeur duty and assorted DIY tasks.

This time it was replace a broken loo seat, install three sliding baskets on runners in the kitchen cabinets and glaze part of the shower cubicle with a sheet of Perspex (clear acrylic sheet).

May and Duncan

Sunday we went out to celebrate the birthday of an old family friend, Duncan. We went to Maccullum's of Troon right down by the harbour side and had an excellent meal with efficient and friendly staff. Googling the restaurant reveals lots of 5-star reviews and deservedly so; one to re-visit.

Then back late Sunday with a multi-part meal of snacks and wine, in the airport, on the plane and on the train. And so to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Not been there at all Mark, funny how something can be on your doorstep and you miss it. May seems to be enjoying herself waiting for her meal.

A restaurant we go to often in Troon is the Lido, you should give it a try sometime.