Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck at The O2

London, UK. Saturday 13-February-2010. [Published 04-Feb-2023]

I can’t believe that I didn’t blog seeing the legendary Eric Clapton at the O2. Prompted by the recent passing of Jeff Beck I went to check when it was that I saw him and Eric in concert only to discover that I had not done a post at the time. So this is a very belated retro-post.

I’m sure I didn’t imagine it so I went and checked back in Facebook memories. First I found Jeff Beck supporting Van Morrison in 2016 [Van Morrison and Jeff Beck at The O2].

screen shot of facebook post

Going further back, I found a reference which implied that Mary had been twice: once with me and once with her friend Andrea but she has no idea why she did such a thing. I was at home on the second occasion with our two rescue cats, Peaches and Blue, that we had picked up that very day from the re-homing centre.

screen shot of facebook post

Further googling revealed that Eric and Jeff had in fact done two concerts on consecutive nights the 13th and 14th. So I went and checked back through my picture archive, hey presto! there was a photo from the 13th. I didn’t imagine it, I was there.

Full song list from revealed that Jeff went first, then Eric, then a joint set. Despite his reputation I was less familiar with Jeff Beck's music but the rest was much more familiar. A great evening with some classic songs and legendary guitar playing. 

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