Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charlotte's Birthday

We had our friends John and Andrea visit for the weekend with their daughter Charlotte (aka Lottie) and my godson Julian. Our livers and stomachs have just about recovered.

Friday evening while John, Mary and I did gym, gym and yoga respectively Andrea fed the children so when we returned we could have a grown-ups' meal. We went Moroccan out of Arabesque by Claudia Roden. I did bastilla for starter and Mary did roast duck with apricot sauce for main. Then we cleaned the freezer out of ice cream for dessert.

Some quantity of wine was drunk and so, possibly, were we. Not that badly but we did not go to bed till 01:30 and so did not leap out of bed early the next day.

Saturday John spent a day of quality time with the children as he is working away from home at the moment. This enabled Andrea to spent some civilized, adult time with us.

Lunch was at the excellent Cinnamon Club on a top table special deal. Then off to the Peacock theatre to see Havana Rakatan. The girls agreed that the males dancers were "fit"; I claim I too have a six-pack it is just hidden under a protective layer :-( By the time we got home it was time to turn round straight away and go out for the evening meal.

As luck would have it China Boulevard were celebrating the Chinese New Year so we got entertainment with our food which the kids greatly enjoyed - couldn't have planned it better.

Sunday was Lottie's birthday so it was off to The Rainforst Cafe in central London. A subterranean themed restaurant and merchandising opportunity with animatronic animals in the foliage. Geared up for children during the day and, I suspect, adult group outings in the evenings if the number of cocktails on the menu was anything to go by. Been there once. Not sure if I would rush back again.

After our guests had left, Sunday evening was quiet recovery with a DVD and Friday leftovers. We have Harry Potter 1-5 but somehow had missed watching HP3. Now we are up to date and some of 4 and 5 make more sense now.

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Rosa said...

How fun! The Chinese dragon would have made me scream with joy too! We have the Rainforest Cafe in America. It's always a lot of fun with kids.