Thursday, July 09, 2009

James Taylor at The O2

Mon 06-Jul-09. A fantastic concert and a great evening. Also catching what I missed in New Orleans and a whole load more. At the Jazz Fest I mistakenly decide to miss the first half of JT's set in favour of Johnny Winter, blues legend. Big mistake. Mary raved about JT so when we learned that he was on at the O2 is was an easy decision to go.

James Taylor at The O2

We went with our friend Elizabeth from the US who was staying with us for a couple of days. We had a Thai meal beforehand but due to our contingency-free timing and their slow service we missed the first 10 minutes of his set - fortunately none of the greatest hits.

He played all the old songs you could hope for (Sweet Baby James, You've Got a Friend, Carolina in my Mind, Fire and Rain) plus loads of interesting covers - country, jazz, blues, even an Elvis number. The PA system sounded top quality to my ears and he was in excellent voice so much listening pleasure :-)


Rosa said...

Gotta love JT!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks again for taking me with you! I hadn't seen JT since the early '70s, more or less on his home turf, and it was great to see all these people loving him too. His voice sounded almost the same as he did when he was young. He's still got it!