Monday, July 16, 2007

Water Delivery for Trullo Azzurro

Shortly after our arrival I walked over the stone cover of the cistern and got a very hollow sounding echo. With guests arriving imminently that was cause for concern.

We got Daniele, the architect, to introduce us to the water man. Well actually he introduced us to the water man's Mum who lives in the nearest hamlet just 1km away and who gave us her son's phone number. He was able to come round that evening and dump a tankful of water down our "pozzo" (well).

Water Delivery for Trullo Azzurro

When the house is fully occupied we will need about one of these a week. Fortunately the tankerful only costs 20 Euro a pop so that is not too bad.

In this photo you can also see the recent plantings and the new irrigation system. That should keep the plants alive until our next visit.


Rosa said...

What have you planted? I think I see rosemary or lavender and some other herbs? How fun webbing a network of help.

Mark McLellan said...


In the narrow bed running across the centre of the picture is all kitchen herbs: basil, thyme, oregano, mint, sage, chives. The wide bed does indeed contain rosemary and lavender. The spikey things are iris and out of shot are several rose bushes. As to what the others are I haven't a clue.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I know exactly what you go through re water delivery, as you may imagine!