Monday, July 30, 2007

The Mother-in-Law Visits

It has been a quiet couple of weeks with not much of blogworthy note as we have had Mary's mum, May, down from Scotland while Mary's sister Sandra and family were on holiday. So mostly we have been leaving work promptly to go home for an early supper and a evening in watching the box. Weekends were a bit busier in order to keep May entertained.

The first weekend we went over to Ian and Sarah's for a family gathering to celebrate nephew Tom's 18th birthday. Sunday Mary and I took May down to Farnham for lunch with my mum and dad.

The next weekend we took May to a matinee of "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Savoy. Musicals are not normally our first choice but May likes them and, as musicals go, this was good. Most of the tunes are instantly recognisable and it introduced me to a piece of history and culture I was ignorant of. See Wikipedia on Shtetl.

This weekend just gone we whizzed down to Bristol to collect Molly and drive her back to London. In the evening we had old friends from Glasgow for dinner. Geraldine and Alisdair were down for a funeral on Friday and came over to stay with us Saturday. We had a very enjoyable dinner party, I faded at one o'clock but Mary and Geraldine were chatting till gone 2. I must pop round to the neighbours and apologise in case our late night music disturbed them.

Sunday it was all off to Heathrow for their return to Scotland. For us it was a relaxing meal and an early night.

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