Sunday, July 15, 2007

Meeting the Italian Neighbours (2)

Walking over to visit Carole and Mino we took a shortcut off-road down some dirt tracks. We passed a couple sitting out in their yard drinking a glass of wine and called out a cheery "Buon giorno" to which the reply was "Must be English!" I suspect my panama hat was the giveaway, plus Mary's tall blondeness.

To cut a long story short it turned out that Chris(tine) and John are in the process of retiring to Italy. On the way back we stopped, introduced ourselves and drank their wine. Subsequently we had each other over for dinner and we went out for a meal together on our last night in Italy.

chris and john
Chris and John dine with us at Trullo Azzurro

Chris is a fluent Italian speaker courtesy of her Italian mother. We got on famously as they are really friendly and (dare I say it) pleased to have English speaking neighbours. Between them and Carole and Mino I feel we are starting to find our way in to the local community.

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Rosa said...

How fortunate for you! To have neighbors--who speak your language and the local also (bonus)--is fabulous! Looks like you and your hovel are falling into place. How fun!