Sunday, June 03, 2007

Molly Goes to Bristol

Saturday we took Molly to Charles Ware's Morris Minor garage in Bristol for an Extreme Makeover (Upper body edition).

She has been sitting patiently in the garage of "Thatched Eaves" (aka "The Chocolate Box Cottage") next door to Avon Cottage since we moved out on Valentines Day. If you want to stay in a cute cottage in the New Forest I can thoroughly recommend "The Chocolate Box Cottage". Fran has kept Thatched Eaves immaculate, the garden is wonderful *and* you have "The Olde Beams Inn" next door!

Anyhow, we went down Friday afternoon, had a 'nouvelle' curry at Indigo in Ringwood High Street with Bob&Lynn and stayed the night. In the morning we picked up Molly after the guests had left. As usual she started first time - not bad for a 43 year-old car.

Molly at the end of her ride

We then drove 65 miles in convoy to Bristol with me behind in the Beemer and got to Charles Ware's before they closed for lunch.

We had Molly's 'bottom' done several years ago as Moggies (as they are affectionately known by us Brits) are prone to rust. The man looked her over and will give us a call in the week with estimates and options as to what we can do within our budget. Given how much I have just spent on my teeth I think it is only fair Mary has her extravagance too :-)

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Rosa said...

Molly is a bute, as are your teeth.