Thursday, June 07, 2007

Austrian Wine Tasting at Charteris Wine Society

Another interesting tasting at the Charteris Wine Society, this time Austrian wines. It is always good to try something different and expand one's wine horizon. This time the wines were ably presented by Christian Malnig of Kipferl, an Austrian Deli just around the corner at 70 Long Lane, London EC1A 9EJ.

I did not know the Gruner Veltliner grape but it seems Austria grows a lot of indigenous varieties and this is the most popular accounting for 36% of the nation's production. Very enjoyable and comparable to the best of Alsace varietals any day. Also it is a nation of small producers; the average grower has a mere 3 hectares!

Christian dealt with the high volume of chatter but doing not so much presenting standing at the front but more visiting each table in turn for a sit down chat. That worked well, especially as the individual attention meant we could ask specific questions.

He and his wife also presented us with platters of Austrian meats and, for the sweet wines, various delicious pastries.


C: colour; N: nose; P: palette; ** = favourite; -- = not favourite


Gruner Veltliner Alte Reuben, Selection, Weixelbaum 2005 (GBP 8.99) **

C: mid-yellow; N: peppery / spicy; P rich complex, unctuous, steely aftertaste, bit of acid tingle. My favourite and that of several others.

Gruner Veltliner Seeberg, Matthias Hager, Kamtal 2004 (GBP 14.49)

C: darker yellow; N; Kiwi fruit; P: not as unctuous, smokey

Reisling Reid Gaisberg, Wahre Werte, Weixelbaum 2005 (GBP 10.49) **

C: yellow; N; powerfiul; P: sweetish Alsace style

Rotgipfler Privat, Schaflerhof, Thermenregion 2005 (GBP 8.49) --

N; very little; P slightly hollow, some grip.

Scheurebe (Samling 88), Stefan Potzinger, Sudsteiermark 2006 (GBP 9.98)

C: vary pale; N: v fragrant, lime-green (SB-like); P: tart apple / unripe melon


Blauer Zweigelt, Daniel Jaunegg, Sudsteiermark 2005 (GBP 8.98)

C: purple: N: sour cherry; P: merlot-like, redcurrant / raspberry

Sweet white wines

Traminer, Stefan Potzinger, Sudsteiermark 2003 (GBP 12.49) ** ½

C: deep yellow; N: pungent / sour; P: sweet yet tangy (good with strudel)

Ziefandler Beerenauslese, Beigler, Gumpoldskirchen 2003 (375cl - GBP 12.49) ***

C: Golden yellow; N: honey, peach; P: very ripe pineapple, sui generis, my kind of wine <G>

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