Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A New Bathroom for Wandsworth

plan for new bathroom
Plan for new bathroom

Our bathroom is small and a previous owner has not made best use of the space.

The "before" as it is now has the bath against the window wall, the basin top left and the loo currently where the basin will be, bottom right.

The door opens the other way so, if you are sitting on the loo you get knee-capped as the door opens. Plus the shower window-side means the sill gets soaked and all the paint peels off.

This "after" was designed for us by the team at "H2OLondon". Hanging the door the other way and rearranging the units as you see here will make a big difference. Plus new everything and tiles and accessories will make a transformation. Well done chaps.

We have a final visit to the warehouse on Friday to see the bath in the flesh and choose tiles and colours. Then a six week lead time on the bath so the work won't be done till the end of July. Fortunately we have a shower room downstairs otherwise that might have meant a week of showering at work.

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Rosa said...

How fun. Don't you just love making things more effecient!