Thursday, March 01, 2007

Street Life (Blackfriars bridge)

When I worked in the Drury Lane office my walk to Waterloo Station would take me over Waterloo Bridge with its fine views (see below). Now I mostly work in an office by City Thameslink some twenty minutes walk eastwards and a have a new walk and a new bridge to cross: Blackfriars.

The view isn't so pretty: I lose the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and half the London Eye but I do get a better view of the Oxo Tower and St Pauls. On the other hand I do get a stroll down memory lane.

If I choose the Stamford Street route it takes me past the old Sainsburys' Head Office where I worked in '78/79. New to the big city with a 33% pay rise (from 3k to 4k) and the bright lights to dazzle my eyes. Meeting the "Birmingham Crowd" and all those social nights out. Ah, the memories!

If I choose the Thameside Path I go past Doggetts Coat and Badge (public house) and Sea Container House once home to BIS Applied Systems a later employer '81/86. You will not be surprised, given their proximity that DC&B was our local when we were in the office.

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