Thursday, March 22, 2007

Innocent Drinks Label

It would be unfair to mention Tom Bihn's Care Label without giving a mention to our very own Innocent Drinks fruit smoothie labels which keep Mary and I amused on a regular basis.

The ingredients often include spurious items with matching footnote, such as Rubber duck (* Pass the soap) or Double-decker bus (* Hold very tight please, ting, ting!). Here is a typical label (click on it for larger version):

innocent smoothie label

They also make An Innocent Promise such as "We promise that anything innocent will always taste good and do you good. We promise that we'll never use concentrates, preservatives, stabilisers, or any weird stuff in our drinks. And we promise we'll never cheat at cards."

Or "... And we promise always to wipe our feet" or "... And if we do you can tell our mums" and so on.

More at "The Label Museum"

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