Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lunchtime in Soho

Yesterday I met up with sister Jane to see how their pied-a-terre is coming along. She told me it was one year and one week to the day since they first went to see the flat. And now it is all but finished and they have done a good job on it. Just a few minor tweaks remaining.

It used to be basically one large room with a separate kitchen at one end and a bathroom. The whole place has been gutted and redone completely, new everything. The bathroom is great, all beige and tiled, it looks like a five star hotel bathroom.

The kitchen wall has been taken out and they have gone open plan. The bed area is now where the kitchen was and there is a small kitchen "corner" next to it which partially screens off the bed area. Then a TV and chairs in the actual corner and a desk / home office and storage in an alcove.

Having inspected the premises, we tested out the local Tapas restaurant to see if it would be OK for Mum and Dad's visit next week. Something of a leisurely lunch, I'll make up the hours later.

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Rosa said...

Any pata negra? YUM. Oh, I believe pictures are in store of the reno, please!