Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pictures from Le Gavroche

I might have taken a leaf out of Rosa's book or Welshcake Limoncello's and taken photos of each exquisite course but I only had my camera phone with me which cannot handle close-ups. I had forgotten that I had taken these piccies when I did yesterday's post so here are a couple to go with that...

Mary at Le Gavroche

Mary Discusses Her Brooch

Amanda at Le Gavroche

Amanda Raises Her Glass

Pete at Le Gavroche

Pete at Le Gavroche

Room at Le Gavroche

Dining Room at Le Gavroche

Those that wanted could have a tour of the kitchen and be amazed that so much world class food could emanate from such a tiny space. We did that in previous years so left it for other diners to have a peer round.


Rosa said...

How wonderful! I love all the photos! And you finally caught Mary! Good job! It looks like a fabulous time. (This is from your phone? Great pics!)

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty good beer called Gavroche: