Monday, December 04, 2006

Ayrshire Potlatch *

The weekend was spent in a cold, wet, windy, gray Scotland for the annual pre-Christmas present swap. It takes place on or soon after nephew Ross' birthday which is end of November and close enough to Xmas for the exchange of goodies.

We flew up Friday afternoon and went to Sandra&George's (Mary's sister and BIL). We baby sat Ross and Sarah so G&S could go into Glasgow for a nice meal out. As last time, they were good as gold, played quietly and went to bed on request. Sarah has got the hyper-cute blonde moppet schtick down to a fine art.

Saturday we drove down to May's and as soon as we had arrived whisked her off on the train to central Glasgow where we went shopping for outfits. We (i.e. Mary) targetted House of Fraser as a good place to get May something stylish for the New Year's Eve black tie do at Albannach. The trip was successful with several outfits bagged though May claims it will be some time before her credit card recovers!

One noticeable difference between England and Scotland was the passengers on the train. In Scotland they were all chatting away to their mates, there was lots of banter and chaff. The equivalent commuter train into Waterloo would be a silent affair by comparison. Now wonder we Southerners have a stereotypical image of stand-offishness.

* Potlatch an American Indian ceremony "..guests are invited to a potlatch to share food and receive gifts or payment."


Ballpoint Wren said...

We call it "potluck" now, although I'll be darned if I've ever seen any money exchange hands.

If somebody says "Come on over, it's a potluck," then we know to bring an entree.

Mark McLellan said...

Bonnie - a bit of "folk etymology" there, I'm afraid. Potluck has a different origin. See Wikipedia on Potluck and Potlatch