Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My hi-fi may be old

but that don't mean it's slow. Vinyl still sounds good. [This should have been Monday's post but we were in Italy - more about that later.]

Saturday we had Bob&Lynn to stay with us as we were all invited to Kate&Ian's for a lunchtime do. We taxied back from that about 6, had a glass of wine and then off to the local Thai for a very pleasant meal.

The conversation got on to music, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, the Stoppard play Rock'n'Roll and vinyl so we adjourned to the dining room where my hi-fi was set up. We listened to one side of Saucerful of Secrets and then Bob asked if I had Wish You Were Here. As it happened I had a Numbus records "Supercut" special edition, remastered and pressed on 80gm non-recycled vinyl. So we played it through this lot:

Linn deck:
 • Asaka cartidge
 • Ittok LVII arm
 • Sondek LP12 turntable
Naim amplifier:
 • SNAPS power supply
 • 32 pre-amp
 • 110 power amp
 • Shahinian Arc
Other components
 • Nakamichi CR1E cassette desk
 • Onix BWD1 FM tuner
 • Meridian 206 CD player

D**n it sounded good! Mary said, "How come you haven't played me this before?" It reminded me how good vinyl can sound. I must spend more time listening to real music.

Note: Updated post 20-Dec-06 to include Ittok model and other components.

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I love vinyl and have kept my whole collection!