Monday, October 02, 2006

He looks in my mouth and then he starts to gloat

He says my teeth are OK but my gums got to go. *

Went to Raj on Friday because my teeth were giving me gyp and it looks like I am down for two crowns and an extraction at Harley Street prices. The latter may be years off but the crowns, numbers 12 and 13, are to be done as soon as I get the x-rays taken (see previously "And finally monsieur a wafer-thin mint").

Meanwhile I am on Corsodyl mouthwash, for the gingivitis. Corsodyl is one of the viler tastes on the planet and wreaks havoc with the taste buds. My tongue feels like it has been lightly sand-papered. I can forget about drinking fine wines until I am off the stuff as everything has hints of sand and glue.

* Unfinished Sweet by Alice Cooper

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Rosa said...

Poor you! Ouch. Two crowns. At once? Ouch. When I was over in your neck of the woods, I bought some "Gengigel." I too have occasional probs with the ol' gums and did some research before I left. They don't sell it here in the states so I picked up a bottle while there. It's really not that bad. I've also mixed a little tea tree oil (yuk) in with my mouthwash if my gums are sore. Good luck! Thanks for the tip on the beer. The hub knows moules frittes--I'll go for the beer!!