Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Crock of Gold

About four years ago Mary's sister, Sandra, bought Mary a ceramic piggy bank. Mary decided she would feed it two pound coins. For the last few years she has spent scarcely a single one. They all went into the jar (along with any she could steal from me).

ceramic piggy bank before smashing
Crock before smashing

But then it got so full that even with a good shuggle we could not get another coin in so it was time for the hammer! Including three coins in her purse that could not be forced in, the grand total came to a surprisingly tidy sum!!

ceramic piggy bank after smashing
Crock after smashing

Counting the money
Counting the money

Of course it's all gone now - she went to Max Mara and bought a very fine, brown winter coat and used the change to buy trousers and a dress.


Rosa said...

How fun, I love the ones that don't have a stopper in the bottom! We collected all our change when we moved and pulled together about $300! I took the boys out to a nice dinner (the hub had already moved to TN) and bought them anything they wanted with what was left. They were still young so that made it easier, a video game and Lord knows what the kid bought! hehe.

Rosa said...

PS The change doesn't sit around very long now. I keep a jar in the kitchen and the teenager takes it for gas money!