Friday, August 04, 2006

Pretty Woman

Tuesday evening the conversation ranged far and wide, as always at a McLellan family gathering. Somehow we got to the topic that Ian had first pointed out for me the parallels between E.T. (the movie) and the crucifixion and the resurrection (The Bible). ET died and darkness came over the land. He came back to life and was taken up into heaven. It is left as an exercise for the viewer to re-view the film wearing "New Testament Glasses".

Wednesday evening I was home alone while Mary was out "team-building" with colleagues from work. So I had a quiet evening in with the cat on my lap and watched the recently acquired, 15th anniversary edition of Pretty Woman, the movie for which Mary famously coined the phrase "Equal Ogling Opportunity".

Now, despite IMDB reckoning it is based on La Traviata (as that is the opera they go to) my money is on Cinderella. For goodness sake they even have one character exclaim "Cinde-f**kin'-rella, that's who!". Look at the evidence:

• Richard is the prince
• the two Rodeo Drive shop assistants are the wicked step-sisters
• the bell-hop is Buttons
• the lotus / limo / lear jet is the coach (take your pick)
• the Hotel Manager is the Fairy Godmother (brilliantly under-played by Hector Elizondo)
• she gets to go to the ball (Opera)
• she gets the handsome Prince and they live happily ever after

There is even a nod to Rapunzel in the very last scene. I rest my case Mi'Lud!

Next week I shall explain the parallels between David Lynch's "Dune" and Rennaisance Italy.


Rosa said...

When I watch a movie, I normally watch for pure exscapism and hardly ever think about it again. (Probably going to the wrong movies!) I'll never forget going to see Out of Africa with the pre-hub on one of our first dates. He critiqued the thing to DEATH afterwards; and all I could say was I thought it was lovely. hehe. Good thing I'm not a movie critic. Every movie would be two thumbs up! hehe. But, Mr. English, I can see your point on the similarities between the two. It's just that I wouldn't have ever thought about it. And ET. Never in a million years would I have seen the connection--hmm, still don't really. ha.

paris parfait said...

Well I agree about the fairy tale significance of Pretty Woman - that's why most of us loved it. A handsome wealthy prince arrives, takes us shopping and to fun places like the Opera (of course, after obligingly providing jewels for the occasion), etc. But I never would have thought about any significane associated w/ ET, other than childhood innocence and imagination making all things possible.