Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nipples to Knees

Apparently fashions change in medical procedures. Many years ago I had a summer job as a hospital porter. A-a-h the memories <pause, sigh, shake head to clear>. Anyway, a couple of times I had to assist one of the regulars prep a male patient. The slogan was "Nipples to Knees!" Dry shaving the aforementioned area with a disposable razor. I played no active part and presume my role was effectively that of chaperone.

It didn't look the most soothing of shaves so I had fully intended to do my own prep this evening, thank you very much, in a nice warm bath but according to the admissions clerk the modern way is clippers immediately pre-op. A quick Google shows this to be the case [1] [2] so I shall leave that to the experts.

Instead I shall concentrate on having a good, slow release, meal tonight as it is nil-by-mouth from midnight so that means no breakfast and who know when I shall be ready for my lunch.


Ballpoint Wren said...

Hey, Mark, how did it go? Smoothly, I hope! If you must have any complications, I hope they're nothing more serious than ingrown hairs from the shave!

Mark McLellan said...

Went pretty well thanks. Bit sore as expected but well enough to be allowed home same day. Now it is a case of "keep taking the tablets". I think "stubble trouble" will be next.

Rosa said...

Ouch. That doesn't sound good at all. Hope it was a small op!