Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Rig May Be Old

But That Don't Mean She's Slow *

Two weekends ago when we were down at the cottage I brought my old Claude Butler back up to London. I bought it 28 years ago and it was second hand then. And yet again I chopped a chunk off my commute time. The 6.8 miles (10.9km) normally takes 38 minutes but twice this last fortnight I have done it in 29 minutes.

I think the Specialised Crossroads Comp may be going out to Italy as a holiday bike.

* Six Days on the Road by Taj Mahal


Rosa said...

Now, Mr. English, is that the name of your bike or the name of a type of bike? (Regardless, it's O' so British!) Sounds like a big ol' thing being compared to SUVs.
Re: US driving license requirements, it goes like this. If you are over 15 1/5 but under 18, you take a written test to get your "Learner's" permit. This allows you to toodle around with an adult of 21 or over in the car with you. After six months of driving and 50 hours behind the wheel, you can then get your "Restricted" license. This allows you to drive by yourself, only one other teen in the car, no cell phone and not after 10 p.m. (These are all Tenneesee laws, btw. I believe most states are the same, but I'm not sure.) At 18, he gets his "unrestricted" license and is off into the world of adulthood. Joy.
Now back to Mr. Butler, you need to give us a picture of one such broken in bike!

Mark McLellan said...


A classic make of bike, originally hand-made by the eponymous Mr Butler. Our sheds may have names but I have not taken the same approach with the bikes. However it's a thought! Busy weekend so I will do you a photo and bike resume when I can. Mary and I have seven and a half bikes between us!