Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Third cousins

Although this could have been titled "Home but not alone 3" [2] [1] or "Spend time with your family 2" [1]. Mary went up to Scotland to spend time with her mum which turned into a weekend of baby-sitting the wee 'uns so that George&Sandra could spend a child-free weekend in Dundee.

At Mary's prompting, it has to be gratefully acknowledged, I went and likewise spent the weekend with my Mum (and Dad, of course) which was much appreciated by Mum. Down to Farnham for Friday night and a meal at the local Italian.

Then Saturday we drove down to Winton near Bournemouth to visit my father's second cousins Ken&Effie (Euphemia) who I had not seen since our wedding in '93. Several hours were spent amusing them with my grasp of Doric (the dialect of Lowland Scots spoken in the north-east of Scotland) thanks to my having married an Ayrshire lass.

Then a quiet Saturday in just chatting and spending "quality time" with the Ageds. And a good thing too. As they get older I am ever more conscious of spending time with them while I still can. So another win for New Year's Resolution #4.


Rosa said...

"GIN I was God, sittin' up there abeen,
Weariet nae doot noo a' my darg was deen" . . . translation please. (grin) Thank goodness, Edinburgh doesn't speak Doric, I would have been totally lost.

Mark McLellan said...

Nope, you got me there :-( Even Mary wasn't sure about a translation; East and West coasts do speak different dialects, sometimes radically so.