Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thumpermonkey Gig Review

Friday night started of with supper at Quaglino's and a tour of the Three Emperors exhibition at the Royal academy. Some stunningly beautiful art and artifacts. Then for a drastic switch of culture from ancient to modern it was off to the Thumpermonkey gig at Storm in Leicester Square.

Thumpermonkey features Michael Hutchinson (the nephew formerly known as Ben) on bass, Michael Woodman on guitar and David Croshaw on drums. Family and friends were there to show support and pack out the venue. Michael H. definitely looked the part, v. cool and definitely into being a rock'n'roll star.

They did a half hour set which was good and loud. The music reminded me a little of Marilyn Manson but features plenty of changes of rhythm and tempo. I caught my food tapping at one point so 'old-fogey-ism' hasn't yet fully set in <G>. At the end of the set I bought the CD which has given me a better chance to appreciate the music. The volume of a live gig makes the ribcage vibrate and the ear hum afterwards so one gets more of the atmosphere than the subtleties of the composition.

Oh, and hello to the redhead to said she occasionally reads the blog.


Rosa said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I may be able to listen to the newer stuff, Thumpermonkey Lives! from what I heard online; but the older stuff from Alpha Romeo is definately the teenager's stuff. Do they ever export any CDs this way? The hub has a trip to Geneva in a month or so. If I jump on, I'll definately get a cd or two to help sales. Always ready for new music in this household.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hey!

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you on friday, I was negotiating moneys with the promotor. Thanks to all the lovely people who came to watch we broke our 50 ticket target and ACTUALLY MADE MONEY!!! Outstanding.

I had a really kick-ass time. Our drummer, Dave, was pushing the songs very hard - so I think our half hour set on lasted about 22mins! Props again must go to your father for his outstanding artwork.

In answer to Rosa's comment, click here to order the CD album through Paypal, which will be delievered in a jiffy(bag) to your house.

Thanks again Mark,


Rosa said...

Thank goodness for Paypal!! Yea. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"the older stuff from Alpha Romeo is definately the teenager's stuff."

Yes... One man with a metronome and a bedroom dreams of rock-star-dom. But full credit to Michael, there are some really intrecut compositions in amongst the midi beats and synths. Be sure to listen to "HOW I WROTE THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN" for proof. The song is truly a keeper. Might try and get Mike to post it.

[PLUG] We have another big gig at STORM (Leicester Square) coming up on Friday 21st July. Please goto our forum for a flyer. [/ PLUG]