Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A weekend in Aqua Sulis

We went to The City of Bath to visit our friend Jane and incidentally getting another tick in the box for New Year's Resolution #4. She is Tim's mother and grandmother to Alex who is Mary's godson - though Mary's influence on his moral and spiritual upbringing might be hard to detect <GR&D>

She is a lovely lady, charming, elegant and so enthusiastic to have us visit. We arrived early and did a tour of the Roman Baths. Then round to Jane's flat in a Georgian house with a wonderful view for tea and biscuits. A dinner party in the evening with some local friends of Jane's passed a most enjoyable evening chatting till one in the morning.

Since Tim&Sarah live in Wimbledon only three miles away from us so we gave Jane firm instructions to warn us when she next visits so we can pop round and see her again.

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Rosa said...

Cheers to you for keeping to your New Year's Reso. Sounds like a lovely day and oh-so-British! Envious here.