Friday, February 25, 2005

The train has wings

The reason for the delay on posting about the wine dinner was that I was in Zurich Tuesday and Wednesday. Leaving the office I could tell the people who don't do much business travel. They said things like "Have a good time" and "Enjoy yourself" as if it was some kind of holiday. They do not realise it is just commuting like they do every day, except the train has wings.

It really is not as glamorous as they think. As seasoned business travellers know it is mostly airport, taxi, office, hotel, taxi, airport. I spent Monday evening and Wednesday evening sitting in airports and airplanes instead of relaxing at home with Mary and the cat - not much of a trade :-(

People ask how I keep my weight under control with all this eating in hotel restaurants. The answer is easy: twice a week I eat airline food.

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