Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not-so-Super Bowl

I am sure it is a fine sporting event but the time difference means it is broadcast in the wee small hours here in the UK as I discovered Sunday night, or should that be Monday morning?

The lads upstairs were having a sports night in with, I suspect, more than a few beers. Although our flat and theirs share the same layout the usage is different with their living room being above our bedroom, thus I could hear their chat late into the night. So I put in my earplugs (Virgin Atlantic blue ones but I prefer the BA trad tubular yellow kind) and turned over trying to ignore it.

However I could not ignore the blast of Status Quo at china duck rattling volumes at 3:30 am. Ok, I thought, they are pissed and have poor judgment as a result. One track and I would have let it pass but they boogied on so at track four I upped and dressed to go knock on their door. You hear such "neighbours-from-hell" tales that I was concerned to deal with this in a non-confrontational way so that no offence and retaliation / escalation should occur.

My opening gambit was "Excellent choice of music <pause and shrug> but not so sure about the timing..." The guy apologised and turned the music down, but not off. At least it was enough to allow me to sleep but I was not at my sparkiest all day Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Great result - the New England Patriots - CHAMPS AGAIN!!!!