Monday, February 14, 2005

That was the weekend that was

Only one post last week doesn't mean nothing happening, quite the reverse. A busy week work-wise with two days delivering training in Zurich. The only reason I posted at all was the delayed LX340 on the way home Wednesday evening. That gave me time to use the free cyber corner in the Executive lounge.

The weekend was busy too with the usual giddy round of shopping and domestic chores - this weekend: clear outs. The spare bedroom-cum-study is now a lot tidier, the draw under the bed with all the holiday stuff is a lot emptier and the storage crates in the loft are fewer than they were.

On the up side spring is on the way. The narcissi, snowdrops and primuli are in bloom and the daffodils are starting to shoot. The light at the end of the Winter tunnel is in sight. Mary re-did the window boxes so we will have lots of jolly flowers in spring to brighten the front of the cottage.

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