Friday, February 04, 2005

Breaking the fourth wall

Saturday was not only Mary's biggest birthday party but also the one year blogiversary of Gullible's Travels. Average Posts Per Week 3; Posts Written 124; Words Written 16,003.

I was tempted to do a retrospective like all my our friends' Christmas newsletters. You know the thing, "Jasper has just passed his grade 8 maracas and been accepted for the RPO, Daphne is into horses and going through a bit of a Goth phase". Then email it to the Williams, the Thynnes, the Bennells and the Wallaces :-)

This week has been too busy, as the absence of a Wednesday post attests, so a full retrospective will have to wait. It has been a year of endings and beginnings. Several sad passings and the trauma of Mum's near misses. On the other hand Mary and I are now living together (an entry yet to be blogged) and the Trulli saga truly begins with the future life that portends.

* Fourth wall

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