Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Not a very good Mother's Day

She is OK now, my Mum (OK being a relative term). Out of Intensive Care and into High Dependancy. Due to transfer to an ordinary ward tomorrow.

I was in Dublin spending the weekend with Mary and phoned my Mum to wish her Happy Mother's Day (as it was this Sunday in the UK, I understand in the US it is later). Left a message and my father rang back just as I was about to leave for the airport to fly back to Zurich. In a piece of mind-boggling understatement (state of shock, probably, being calm for himself and me; I mean no adverse judgement) he said

"Your mother is not having a very good Mother's Day".

By which he meant

"She is currently unconscious, in surgery, starting a four hour operation for a blood clot just below her navel and the worst case scenario is that they cut off both her legs".


Straight to the airport, next ticket back to Heathrow, taxi back to the parental home. Dad arrives 10 mins later to say she is "fine" and back in the ward. For which read (in my mind) "Not dead! Still alive! Thank God!".

I went out with a nurse once (Matron actually). She brought to my attention the risks associated with a general anaesthetic. Don't do it if you can avoid it. If you ever have to go under ask them to whip out your appendix while they are in there. Saves having to having to go under again if your appendix ever goes.

Spoke to my Dad and sister after their visit yesterday. She is doing well. Her legs are warm and pink. They are talking of moving her to a normal ward today so the signs are good.

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