Monday, March 29, 2004

Blue condition

Saw Mum twice over the weekend and I am glad to report she is improving but FWIW I would still consider her "Condition Yellow". Intensive Care was definitely Code Red and then High Dependancy, Condition Orange. When I got there Friday evening she was full of tubes, pain killers and Heparin (an antithrombotic). She was fairly pale and still on Nil-By-Mouth after a week. Even so it was good to see her for the first time since it happened, hold her hand and tell her I love her. She had not been fit to visit last Sunday because she was only just out of surgery so this was the first time I had been able to visit her since it happened. My brother, Ian, was already there and left shortly after, Mary arrived about an hour later. We did not stay long because Mum tires easily (all the painkillers probably add to that).

When we went back on Sunday afternoon the tubes were out and she was looking a lot better. They had even had her out of bed on Saturday and semi-vertically walking with the aid of some contraption. That must be good to improve the blood circulation to the legs. She is in a small side ward with a good level of staffing. They still check on her every two hours so she is not ready to go to an open ward and Condition Blue. Zurich again this week so I will get further reports by phone.

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