Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Curate's Egg

Mum's legs are doing OK, it is the digestion that is causing concern. The reason she and Dad did not make the meal a couple of weeks ago was that she choked on a piece of steak. The subequent distress to the throat was exacerbated by four hours of an oxygen tube down her throat. This has meant that she has been unable to take solids since the operation. Together with fluid retention means she has not been improving as we would hope.

So the doctors decided to move her back to the High Dependancy ward while they work out what to do. HD was fully occupied so they put her in Intensive Care (fortunately not because her condition demanded it). It is a bit like flying and getting bumped to business class: you get more personal attention, a better bed and real china cups :-)

According to Dad, this afternoon she is in good spirits and even asked him to bring in a book from home - a sign that she is feeling better. I still await a full medical update, Jane is hoping to speak to the consultant soon.

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