Monday, November 03, 2014

Mario Biondi at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

Sunday 26-October-2014

We had been recommended Mario Biondi by our musically inclined friends in Italy who described him as an Italian Barry White.

Mary was visiting her Mum in Scotland and came straight from City airport to meet me at the nearest tube station and thence to Cabana Brasilian Barbecue for a very tasty pre-concert meal.

Empire doors opened at 7:30pm but we had checked online and Mario was not due on to 8:45 so we had a leisurely supper - I hate rushing my food. As it turned out we even got to see that whole of the support act Mozez.

Stalls seating was unreserved but we got really good aisle seats not too many rows back. I attribute this to people not bothering with the support act. Their loss as I thought Mozez were pretty darned good.

The audience was full of Mario fans who wanted to dance. After the first few numbers people were up out of their seats and dancing away.

I don't do dancing. Watching these people making an exhibition of themselves makes me realise how uptight I am. Just call me Mr "Poker up the arse" - I am unable to enjoy dancing especially in public.

I know the theory that they are actually enjoying themselves but I have trouble believing it. Because I am so self conscious I cannot comprehend their behaviour; I can only conclude that they are desperate attention seekers - which is patently not true.

Another thing that struck me was how easy it is to forget to give the band full credit. So often the concert is all about the star but the sound you go to hear is much more than just the singer. The band is as important to the sound you have come to enjoy. Mario's band were very good indeed.

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