Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two titanium implants conclusion

Part two of the implants - a return visit to fit the crowns.

This finally fixes a gap that has been there since 1989 when a previous dentist made butchery of an extraction of the lower right 7 molar. It was that extraction that sent me to Harley Street in search of the best dentist I could find. As a consequence I have invested in some fine dental work in the intervening years.

The eventual failure of the lower right 6 molar meant it was time for implants to fill the gap. I am sure that implant practice will have improved in the intervening decades so the wait was probably beneficial.

The previous visit involved taking accurate casts with the temporary "golf tees" replaced by the pegs that would provide the final support.  Casts and pegs went off to the dental laboratory for construction of the new crowns.

The new crowns in place on the cast:

An X-ray with the new crowns installed. I was pleased to note that screwing the pegs into the implants used a torque wrench so that there was no danger of over-tightening.

The crowns had to be cemented into place in the correct sequence because the angles meant the 7 had to go in before the 6 otherwise they wouldn't fit.

Plan view of the new crowns. The fit was micron perfect. I can tell by the way the upper and lower teeth all meet simultaneously when I put my teeth together - like Swiss engineering.

It still feels odd eating on the right hand side. I am having to make a conscious effort to chew on that side; I am sure normal eating will soon be resumed.

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