Monday, March 17, 2014

Marcus Bonfanti at The Blues Kitchen

Camden, London. Friday 14-Mar-14

It's official - we have seen Marcus more than any other artist, six times now, pushing Van Morrison into second place at five times. At three times there are a number of other artists: Marc Bolan, Taj Mahal, Mike West etc.

We had a delicious Greek meze at Andy's Taverna just around the corner as the gig didn't start till 10pm. The set menu starters were good, then a fish course then some superb grilled meats: chicken, lamb and two types of sausage, after which the kleftiko final course arrived as we were fit to burst.

Marcus was excellent as usual and this time I was once of the regulars - I knew all the songs as soon as he started each one. He played for an hour and a quarter to an appreciative audience.

I cannot say that The Blues Kitchen is my favourite venue: so packed that moving about was difficult, too dimly lit and the PA / sound system was struggling with the volume it was being played at. I had my earplugs with me and used them so my ears were not ringing when we left.

We left about 11:30 and Camden was heaving; North London is very different to South London. I cannot image any area south of the river with such busy street life at that hour. The tube is just around the corner and whizzed us back to Waterloo and train home.

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