Friday, August 16, 2013

Coast to Coast - Day 09: Reeth to Richmond

Friday 16-August-13

10.9 miles, 3:54 hours, 332 m highest point. 

Day 9 of the walk. Reeth to Richmond. Very gentle 11.5 mile stroll in lovely sunshine. Lunch in a great spot overlooking the river Swale. Continuing our essential research into northern beers :-)

The Nun's Steps above Marrick Priory. 

The view down Swaledale from our lunch stop 

From there it was just a short post lunch walk into Richmond. 

Richmond is the largest town on the walk. We were early enough to wander round the market square and do a little shopping. 

Accommodation in Willance House and supper in the Italian restaurant just around the corner. 

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