Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coast to Coast - Day 08: Keld to Reeth

Thursday 15-August-13

13.3 miles, 4:46 hours, 367 m highest. 

Day 8 of the walk. Keld to Reeth down Swaledale. Leisurely 13 miles with only a few ups and downs, easy walking. Sunshine and showers. Feet are still whinging. One of the upsides of this walk is lots of different beers to try!

Looking back on Keld as we set off. 

Local taxi service had gone into decline. 

Coffee stop just past Ivelet - the showers had decided to ease off. 

Typical Swaledale path running parallel to the river. 

Accommodation in Hackney House. Beer and supper in The Buck Hotel. Getting the hang of these beers from Yorkshire. 

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