Monday, July 29, 2013

Race for Life Hyde Park 2013

London, England. Sunday 14-July-2013

Ten thousand women dressed in pink is an awe inspiring sight. It is heartening amongst all the bad news headlines to be reminded how many people with big hearts there are out there.

Four of those women were "Team MACE" - Mary, Andrea, Christine, Elaine.

Andrea, Elaine, Mary, Christine

We made a bit of a weekend of it: Andrea and Elaine came over on Saturday afternoon for an evening of barbeque, drink and talk. It was great to be able to dine al fresco and sit out in shorts and T-shirt till it was time for bed.

Sunday I was chauffeur so we could take the makings of a picnic for after the race. We were joined by Andrea's son, Daniel, and his girlfriend. A beautiful sunny day - great for a picnic.


After we all dispersed I drove home and Mary and I enjoyed another barbeque and balmy evening and fell weary into bed after a most successful weekend.

More photos on Flickr:

PS This was Mary's second Race for Life this year. The earlier was in Battersea Park (12-June-13).

Not so sunny that first Race for Life, but it's not about the weather it's about awareness and fund raising and the human spirit.

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