Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CSC alumni at The Crusting Pipe 2013

I was prompted to organise a cscalumni gathering by a couple of LinkedIn requests from ex-CSC colleagues. I arranged meet up with Roy and Anne and sent out an APB in the hope that some others might be free to join us.

It is several years since the last gathering (June 2010) and, despite many apologies, only a hard core turned up. But that was fine: we drank, we ate, we chatted, we went home.

Anne Carter, Farrakh Siddiqui

A special mention, and commiserations, go to Valter Johansson (formerly of Index) who came but could not find us hidden in a booth thanks to the poor cellular coverage.

Roy Thompson, Mark McLellan (me)

One of the apologies was from Nalin Goonewardene who will be visiting the UK in September and October so I'll propose another gathering then - and not on a Thursday so Simon Hargrave can attend. Let's see who can make it next time with a little more notice.

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