Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Jazz Brunch at The Wharf, Teddington

Teddington, England. Sunday 28-April-2013.

The Wharf in Teddington does a Sunday Jazz Brunch so off Mary booked and off we went on the train. The Wharf is right on the river, as you might guess from the name, and has a nice, bright conservatory suitable for a sunny day. We ate well whilst listening to Tracy Ray and the Mojos.

Mary is keen to get in as much walking practice as possible ready for Bob and Lynn's Coast-to-Coast in August. So we decided to augment our Thames Path walk with a little post lunch stroll as far homewards as we felt like.

Unfortunately we added to our journey by walking about a mile in the wrong direction due to some confusion as to which side of the river we were - caused in part by the way the river twists and turns.

Then at Richmond the path was flooded due to the high tide so we took a detour inland as you can see on the map.

Unfortuately where we rejoined the river it was still flooded. Nothing for it but to take off our socks and shoes and paddle round the corner.

After nearly 9 miles we decided we'd walked off the lunch and it was starting to get toward dusk so we switched to the train at Kew for the rest of the jouney home.

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