Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cleaning the Wandle May 2013

Every clean up brings its own surprises. There is always a regular supply of carpet, shopping trolleys, bicycles, plastic bags and bits of corrugated iron. This time it was a ludicrous number of scaffolding poles (in the water), a dozen or more water cooler bottles (on the bank), a toilet and a scooter.

Water cooler bottles

We are so fixated on the river and its banks that is too easy to forget the Wandle Trail which is the more publicly accessible aspect of the river. It is the walking and cycling trail that follows the river for 15 miles from Croydon to the Thames.

Wandle Trail

Just before lunch my friend Paul took a tumble and filled his waders with water, yuck. Fortunately he is of similar build to me and I had brought a spare pair of jeans. So he was able to change into dry togs but he did keep to the bank for the afternoon.

At lunchtime we were offered copies of the hot-off-the-press Catchment Vision for the Wandle - the result of extensive consultation - to be followed by the Action Plan.  More on the Wandle Catchment Plan.

A vision for the River Wandle

At the end of the day I bugger off home but the dedicated few remain to load the rubbish onto the truck and the equipment into the van.

Loading the van

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