Thursday, November 20, 2008

Olive Harvest in Puglia

Not just any old olives but our own olives off our own trees. A quick Sunday afternoon harvest using equipment kindly lent to us by our neighbour Mino Maggi. In a couple of hours we managed to harvest about 35 kilo which should give us around 3 litres of extra virgin olive oil.

olive harvest 2008 - 1
The olives looking ripe

olive harvest 2008 - 2
Spreading the net

olive harvest 2008 - 3
Net, crate and rake

olive harvest 2008 - 4
Raking the olives off the branch

olive harvest 2008 - 5
The final haul
We dropped the crates round at Mino's and he will add them in to his crop for pressing. We'll collect our little contribution's output next visit.

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