Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Helene Darroze at The Connaught

Friday we went for one of those meals of which the Alitalia in-flight magazine rightly said to the effect of "you go for the experience and you do not look at the price". So it was with Pete and Amanda when we went to sample the delights of Helene Darroze at The Connaught.

The lady herself has twice been awarded two Michelin stars although I am not sure of this restaurant's current rating. Suffice it to say it was indeed an experience. The food was excellent but what struck us was that you could not move for flunkies. As soon as you wandered into the foyer someone would glide up to direct to you the loo even before you had a chance to look puzzled.

We went for the taster menu at GBP 95 per head but the wines bumped the total bill up to an obscene amount of money. The Condrieu was *absolutely* stunning; I wish I could afford to drink like that every day!

Ruinart Brut NV
Condrieu, Mathilde & Yves Gangloff '06
Faugères "Le Sonje de l'Abbé", Abbaye Sylva Plana. 2004
Banyuls but which? My notes grow hazy


in a black jelly, Gillardeau oyster tartare, veloute of haricots mais from Beam poured over the top

LE FOIE GRAS DE CANARD DES LANDES.. cooked "au torchon" with mild spices, Sollies fig chutney

cooked with chorizo and confit tomatoes, black and creamy "2006 vintage" Camaroli Acquarello rice, Reggiano parmesan foam

roasted with cepes and parmesan crust, pumpkin mousseline, Piedmont hazelnut infused chicken stock

spit roasted and flambeed "au capucin", grilled duck foie gras, Brussels sprouts, "retnette" apples and "chasselas de Moissac" grapes simmered in a jus of yellow wine from Arbois

LA FIGUE DE SOLLlES.. compote with a 10 years old Maury caramel, Greek yoghurt sorbet, crispy fruit and nut bread

LE CHOCOLAT SA MARA DE REPUBLlQUE DOMINICAINE.. cream and sorbet, crystallised orange tulle with citrus fruit sorbet, "poached prune, Armagnac sauce

Friday 14th November 2008 Dinner

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