Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary

Last weekend we went away to celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary (the actual day was Thu 30-Oct-08).

The first ten years we decided rather than buy each other presents we took it in turns to arrange mystery weekends away. For our tenth we went back to Egypt, our honeymoon destination. Since then we have made it a final trip to Italy to close down Trullo Azzurro.

Since fifteen years is more of a milestone Mary decided to reintroduce the mystery element. I was told to pack a bag, my passport and present myself at T2. It was only then that I knew our destination - standing at the Air Maroc check-in desk stating "Casablanca".

We *had* to have lunch in Rick's Cafe. The film may have been shot on a sound stage in Hollywood and this cafe was only opened recently but I don't care. I think is pretty cool to be able to say "I've dined in Rick's cafe in Casablanca". It is actually an old residence that has been tastefully renovated and converted into a restaurant.

casablanca: rick's cafe outside
Rick's Cafe outside

casablanca: rick's cafe inside
Rick's Cafe inside

Friday was mostly spent wandering around the city especially the souk and shopping areas.

casablanca: market pomegranates
Market pomegranates

casablanca: market olives
Market olives

Saturday was mostly spent wandering around the streets admiring the art deco architecture of which there is plenty, a legacy of the country's time as a French protectorate which brought with it European influences.

casablanca: art deco volubis hotel
Art deco Volubis Hotel

casablanca: art deco guynemer hotel
Art deco Guynemer Hotel

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Rosa said...

Happy belated anniversary! What a wonderful wife you have. That sounds like a perfect, romantic getaway! Wow! I love the open air markets! Fun!