Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Birthday cake 2007

We flew out to Italy on my birthday (55 if you really want to know). My mother had given me this cake on the Sunday before we left. Very delicious but not enough time to eat it all so my colleagues at work rallied round and helped polish it off.

chocolate cake

We went out for a birthday meal in "U'curdunn", the best restaurant in the locality along with (Italian) neighbours Chris and John and a couple of their friends

What was even better was that we have discovered a local taxi firm i.e. Francesco, so I was able to drink as well as eat :-)

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Rosa said...

Happy belated birthday with many happy returns. That cake looks too pretty to eat, well, almost. Sounds like you are truly enjoying your getaways. We're heading to Riverside in a week. I sure wish it were closer--a 6 hour drive is a killer sometimes.