Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Walking in the Wild West End

Brother-in-law Pete's work brings him into his company's central London offices much more than it used to. Inspired by our move into the big city property market four years ago, for similar reasons, Jane&Pete have also decided to go for a pied-a-terre in London.

Not for them however the ex-local authority flat in multi-cultural, inner-city Wandsworth. No, they have gone right to the heart of the vibrant West End, in Soho, just a short stroll from Ronnie Scott's.

Sister Jane asked me to join her for an evening in the area of the proposed purchase to see how safe she would feel at night, check out the noise levels and general street scene. We met in Kettner's for a pre-prandial glass of champagne and then off to Soho Spice for a Time's "Eat out for a Tenner" deal where Mary joined us.

To get to the restaurant we passed the Admiral Duncan painted a vivid pink (bit of a clue in the colour scheme) and a shop selling mens' lingerie of a kind not found in M&S. Given that, according to the manager in the bar below the flat, the street is something of a gay icon Jane should feel safe as a woman in the area. It is an exciting area and I look forward to some sibling nights on the town and evenings of jazz at Ronnie Scott's.


Rosa said...

A champagne bar, how decadent. What a fabulous idea! Sign me up for a glass of Louis Roederer (inexpensive yet good) or a Buck's Fizz, which we call a Mimosa here in the States--usually served at brunch.

Sounds like you and your sister are in for some fun times in "da hood."

Mark McLellan said...


Ah, yes. Roederer NV has, for years, been my favourite. I favour the toasty, yeasty end of the champagne spectrum rather than the more zingy, lemony end. Mary and I used to start the weekend with a half of Roederer and a relaxing soak in the bath but they seem to have stopped doing that size :-(