Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Family dining

Mary too had a tough week of "team building" so we segued easily, without breaking step, into a weekend of eating and drinking. Friday night was a repeat visit to the Food Room as we had promised ourselves after our last visit [Eye Contact Avoidance].

Saturday night was a return match for the "siblings-and-partners" meal we had at Jane&Pete's. A most successful evening helped by a fine menu and the best of wines:

• Caramelised Asparagus on a bed of rocket [US: Rucola] and parmesan [US: parmigiano] drizzled with balsamic vinegar
• Oven-baked halibut with fresh vegetables
• Fresh coconut and pineapple with margarita sorbet and toasted coconut ice cream
• Cheese board with two kinds of freshly baked bread

I wish I had time to type up the full recipes like Rosa who blogs a whole heap of recipes. Suffice it to say everything was home made, of course. The ice cream recipe started with a real, hairy coconut and a hammer...

Sunday was Mother's Day in the UK so we went down to my Mum&Dad's in Farnham. We took lunch (fish terrine and bits) with us so Mum did not have to cook. Unfortunately we had not listened to the radio nor switched on the TV for 48 hours and were blissfully unaware that the clocks had changed.

I got a call from Mum wondering what time we were planning to get there. We jumped in the car and headed off. Unfortunately, so it seemed, had half of South London: the Wandsworth Gyratory was not gyrating. It hardly whirls like a Dervish at the best of times but Sunday lunchtime on Mother's day it ground to a halt. The tailback was all the way up East Hill almost as far as the Huguenot church. We arrived somewhat late but then had a fine time chatting of this and that and an opportunity to hug Mum and tell her I loved her.

I have said it before and will say it again. If you can, if it's not too late, spend time with your family and tell them you love them.

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